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This page shows the current status of the weather software used in the operation of this website.

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This website uses Cumulus (1.9.4-b10992) for weather conditions reporting.
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--checking UV Forecast from -- Using $SITE['UVscript'] entry for test. URL: Cache: ./cache/uv-forecast.txt GET /uvradiation/nrt/uvindex.php?lon=-8.1722&lat=43.1336 HTTP/1.1 Host: Port: 80 IP= HTTP stats: dns=0.018 conn=0.038 put=0.000 get(13 blocks)=0.043 close=0.000 total=0.099 secs fetch function elapsed= 1 secs. RC=403 Forbidden, bytes=266 ------------ Headers returned: HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden Server: awselb/2.0 Date: Mon, 20 May 2024 05:21:12 GMT Content-Type: text/html Content-Length: 118 Connection: clos ------------ Skipped cache write test to ./cache/uv-forecast.txt file. --end UV Forecast from check -- --checking WU Forecast URL -- Using first entry in $SITE['WUforecasts'] for test. URL: Cache: ./cache/WU-forecast-0-es.txt GET /cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=43.227%2C-8.289&sp=ILACORUN4 HTTP/1.1 Host: Port: 80 IP= HTTP stats: dns=0.021 conn=0.018 put=0.000 get(25 blocks)=0.023 close=0.000 total=0.062 secs fetch function elapsed= 0 secs. RC=301 Moved Permanently, bytes=871 ------------ Headers returned: HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently Server: AkamaiGHost Content-Length: 0 Location: Expires: Mon, 20 May 2024 05:21:12 GMT Cache-Control: max-age=0, no-cache Pragma: no-cache Date: Mon, 20 May 2024 05:21:12 GMT Connection: close Set-Cookie: speedpin=4G; expires=Mon, 20-May-2024 05:51:12 GMT; path=/;; secure Set-Cookie: ci=TWC-Locale-Group=US&X-Origin-Hint=WU-Next-Default&TWC-GeoIP-Country=ES&TWC-Privacy=gdpr; path=/;; secure Property-id: TWC-WU-Prod TWC-Privacy: gdpr TWC-GeoIP-Region: GA TWC-GeoIP-City: LACORUNA TWC-GeoIP-DMA: TWC-GeoIP-LatLong: 43.37,-8.41 TWC-GeoIP-Country: ES TWC-Device-Class: desktop TWC-Locale-Group: US TWC-Connection-Speed: 4G X-Origin-Hint: WU-Next-Default twc-subs: non ------------ Skipped cache write test to ./cache/WU-forecast-0-es.txt file. --end WU Forecast URL check -- --checking METEOalarm warning URL -- Using $SITE['EUwarningURL'] entry for test. URL: Cache: ./cache/meteoalarm-es.txt GET /es_ES/0/0/ES002-A_Coruna.html HTTP/1.1 Host: Port: 80 IP= Network error: Connection timed out (110) HTTP stats: dns=0.013 conn=2.002 put=n/a get( blocks)=n/a close=n/a total=2.015 secs fetch function elapsed= 2 secs. RC=, bytes=0 ------------ Headers returned: ------------ Skipped cache write test to ./cache/meteoalarm-es.txt file. --end METEOalarm warning URL check -- Total time taken = -1716182471.965 secs. Elapsed 3 seconds. PHP Version 7.4.33 Memory post_max_size 8M bytes. Memory usage 1490472 bytes. Memory peak usage 1809624 bytes.
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